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TCM Spotlight: 50 Years of Hitchcock
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50 Years of Hitchcock - Wednesdays & Fridays in July

Not for nothing was he dubbed "The Master of Suspense." No other director of thrillers affected audiences in such a visceral way, or shaped an entire genre so creatively the way Sir Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) did. His movies, always sensual, stylish and strikingly edited, encourage viewers to indulge in a kind of voyeurism as the director draws them into a tantalizing web of empathy, tension and anxiety. TCM pays homage to the ever-brilliant Hitchcock with a retrospective of his films spread over eight nights. Ben Mankiewicz will co-host the month's programming with documentary filmmaker Alexandre O. Phillipe, whose new film 78/52 examines Psycho's (1960) iconic shower scene, which consists of 78 shots and lasts 52 seconds.

Our tribute to the English-born filmmaker is comprehensive, ranging from such early, British-made works as The Ring (1927) and The Farmer's Wife (1928) to his final two features, Frenzy (1972) and Family Plot (1976). Hitchcock worked repeatedly with some actors, including two favorite leading men who had their best showcases in Hitchcock films: James Stewart in Rope (1948), Rear Window (1954), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) and Vertigo (1958); and Cary Grant in Suspicion (1941), Notorious (1946) and North by Northwest (1959).

Other Hitchcock landmarks include Blackmail (1929), generally considered the first British sound feature; and Rebecca (1940), Hitchcock's first Hollywood film and the one that brought the first of five Academy Award® nominations as Best Director. Other nominations came for Lifeboat (1944), Spellbound (1945) and Rear Window. Still more audience favorites include: The 39 Steps (1935), The Lady Vanishes (1938), Shadow of a Doubt (1943), Strangers on a Train (1951), Dial M for Murder (1954) and The Birds (1963). The classic titles go on and on.

To learn more about the work of Hitchcock, join TCM's free, flexible online course that runs from June 26-August 7. The course allows you to follow along at your own pace, enjoy daily film clips and thought starters, course videos, card games and mobile activities that will entertain and test your knowledge of the director in the company of fellow film fans from around the world. Sign up online at, then join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #Hitchcock50.

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